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With school out of session and work slowing down for many this time of year, the summer season is primetime for moving. The benefits of moving in the summer months are great for not interupting kids’ schedules or having to take time off with a busy workload but there are certain preparations to take into consideration when dealing with the summer heat and rush. In this issue, we’ll provide you with some tips to help you navigate this busy moving season and ways you can prepare that will make the transition a smooth one as well as a safe one for you and your family.

4 Tips for Moving During Summertime

Moving in the summer comes with certain difficulties, but you can account for them and plan accordingly for a safe and stress-free move. Here are some helpful tips for your summertime move:

Reserve your moving company early.

 Between the months of May and September are the most popular times to move, so you want to make sure you find movers as soon as possible and reserve the services you’ll need early. Moving day will be a lot less stress and work if you’re not scrambling to find available trucks or movers.

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Protect yourself, your family & pets from the heat.

Temperatures reaching 90 degrees or above can be expected during the height of summer. The heat should be your number one concern when moving at this time. In order to keep your family and pets safe from dehydration and heat exhaustion with all the activities of moving, be sure to have plenty of water and light snacks on hand; sunscreen doesn’t hurt either.

It’s also wise to be mindful of how often the doors will be open on moving day and how it can make your A/C pretty inefficient at cooling your home. The best way to assure your children and pets are safe from the heat is to arrange plans for them to stay somewhere that’s cool that day.

Be aware of belongings that can be damaged by the higher temperatures.

You’ll want to coordinate timing for what you pack. Certain household items and belongings can suffer permanent damage from extreme heat and sun exposure. Check your things for any forgotten candies or gum, bring items like candles, records, and sensitive electronics last, and mark boxes that have belongings unsafe in the heat in them.    

Ready your new home by setting up the A/C before you move in.

With all there is to do when it comes to moving, you can forget to do small things that make a world of difference. Though you may not be able to control the temperature much while moving out of your old place, if you have access to your new home, set up your A/C before you arrive; that way you’ll be able to cool down once there and heat sensitive belongings are safe to bring inside

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