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Moving could be a tiresome experience, especially if it is your first move, but is this all you have to really think about? Sometimes you can rely on the help of friends to help make your move less stressful. So, here are a few words about asking friends to help move your home – what to do and how to arrange the whole relocation experience the best way possible.

Before you actually start taking action, sit down for a minute and make a plan – this is the necessary first step to a well-organized move. There are several basic steps you need to take before actually planning a move with your friends. In the dynamic world we live in people need to know in advance when you will need them, what for and for how long.

Here are some steps we suggest you follow when recruiting your friends for your move:

1. Decide what you will be moving. If you are going to use friends’ help to pack and move the boxes, or even just move boxes, you will need to know how much this work is going to be. Why? Well, how else would you decide how many people you will need? An inventory sheet could be quite handy, by the way.

2. Do you need any special assistance? A move could sometimes come with more tasks than just packing. Do you need to plan furniture dismantling or disconnecting and reconnecting appliances (washer, dryer, etc)? In this case, you may need to find friends who have those skills.

3. Estimate what sort and how much work you will need from your friends to perform. That is will they be doing packing, and if yes, if how many things and what sort of things? There are items that are quick to pack like kitchen towels and sheets, while other stuff is more delicate and will take longer to be packed like china, electronics, etc. And time is essential for every move.

4. Plan the moving date. If you will be getting friends to assist you with your move, they should know when you might need them. They could be at work, if it is a working day, or away, if you will be moving during the weekend or holidays. If you will need someone’s help, letting him or her know in advance is the considerate thing to do!

5. Distribute tasks. Assign one person to do a number of specific things. In this way you will be able to manage better the organization of the move. You can give the disconnection of appliances to one person, packing crystal, china, etc. to someone else, electronics – to a different person, etc.

6. Will you need dollies, wrenches, screwdrivers, or other tools? Those need to be planned as well. If you don’t have them, perhaps your friends have them and can bring them along? Let them know about it when you speak with them. If they don’t have tools you may need for your move, you will have to find them elsewhere.

7. Find friends who respond to your criteria – availability and skills, and ask them well in advance – at least 2-3 weeks, if possible, to assist you. Let them know how much time they will probably spend working on your move and what are the things to be done so that they could plan ahead of time to be available.

Yes, good friends help you move – they can help you pack, get your stuff to storage or drive it to your new home, and drive you to the airport as well, like when you are going to college or moving to university. It is good to have close people to rely on, but if for some reason they are busy and cannot assist you with your move, remember that calling movers is always an option.

Should you need guidance or help moving, please be sure to contact Yarnall Moving & Storage Solutions today!

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