Summer is officially here and nearly half of all moves this year will take place in the upcoming months. The season draws families looking to relocate and settle in before school starts in the fall, college graduates vacating their old apartments and those who simply want to take advantage of the warm weather. Whatever your reason for choosing summertime to relocate, moving during the summer months requires some special attention — particularly if you’re in Florida. Keep these tips in mind before you embark on your summer move.

Think before you pack

Before you box up your favorite candles, photos, electronics or other items for the moving truck, consider how the heat will affect them. Florida’s humidity and glaring summer sun can increase the temperature inside the truck significantly, which can sometimes cause damage to belongings that aren’t properly packed — candles can melt, electronics can warp and photos can get stuck to each other. If the drive to your new residence is lengthy and scheduled during peak daytime temperature, take special precautions with items that are vulnerable to heat and humidity. Think carefully about your belongings, and discuss your concerns with the moving crew during your walk-through.

Stay hydrated

Moving day is full of activity and can prove to be stressful, both emotionally and physically. Direct sun exposure, high temperatures and extreme humidity can lead to dehydration, exhaustion and heat stress. Keep a refillable bottle with you at all times and drink water every 15 minutes. If you start to feel nauseous or dizzy, seek shade and give your body a break. A cooler filled with a variety of ice-cold refreshments is also a great way to beat the heat and make the move a little more fun!

Make special accommodations for children and pets

Moving day might be a good time to enlist the help of friends, family or a babysitter to watch your kids. You’ll feel less stressed and be able to focus your attention more on the move knowing that your children are safe and comfortable. And while it’s necessary to keep your furry friends out of the way of movers, make sure they’re also in a safe space throughout the relocation process. Never leave them in the car, especially in the summer. According to the Humane Society, temperature inside a car on an 85-degree day can reach 102 degrees within minutes. A day trip to the kennel can be a great option for pet owners.

Consider your electric bill

The door of your new home will remain open for an extended period of time during your move. If you’re blasting the AC, your next bill might be shockingly high. Turn off your unit and rely on fans to keep air circulated throughout the move process. It might get warm but once all the boxes are inside and the door is closed, you can flip back on the AC and cool down the house while you unpack.

Good luck to everyone relocating this summer! If you’re still on the search for a moving company, give us a call. With Yarnall Moving and Storage Solutions, your summer move will be a breeze.

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