As you may have read in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, we were nominated by YOU as Sarasota’s #1 moving company for 2019. We are so grateful for the incredible response we have received as we have been voted Sarasota’s number one moving company for the FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW!

Yarnall has been serving the residents Sarasota since 1971, and we’re so thankful that we chose to be a part of such an amazing, supportive community. We never could have imagined that we would receive such an incredible response to our services over the years. And we cannot thank you enough for participating in this year’s voting process and showing your appreciation for Yarnall.

Our goal is to continue to provide quality services to our customers and to be a responsible partner to the Sarasota community. And thanks to the constant feedback from customers like you, we have managed to continuously improve our business until the point that we are at now. We truly are honored to be a part of such a unique, caring community.

Again, thank you for voting for us.

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