If you’re a dedicated fitness fanatic, then it’s probably important to you to be able to squeeze in a workout in the comfort of your own home. Thus, you may have some heavy equipment in your home such as a treadmill, elliptical or weight machine. These days, you can really own just about any piece of fitness equipment you want! However, when it comes time to move, these items are big, heavy and awkward.

Whether you choose to move the equipment yourself (which could be a hardcore workout in itself) or hire a professional mover, here are some things to keep in mind when packing your gym equipment.

Clean and organize your gear

It’s a simple fact that workout equipment gets dirty. So when you’re packing up your home gym, be sure to take the time to thoroughly wipe off the equipment. Also, be sure to check it for loose screws or broken equipment before you begin disassembling things and packing it up. Additionally, if you have free weights, be sure to properly group them by weight and organize in a way that makes sense for packing.

Select packing materials that are fit for the job

It’s likely that your run of the mill cardboard box may not be durable enough to handle your exercise equipment. Milk crates or sturdy plastic tubs will work best for transporting weights. However, just be sure not to overload them to the point where they are too heavy to be lifted. Use bubble wrap, old towels, or packing paper to keep your weights from shifting and breaking the box throughout the move, and also be sure to clearly label the box as “HEAVY” to avoid injury to any unsuspecting movers.

For larger equipment, disassemble carefully

You already have probably forgotten how you got that elliptical or stationary bike assembled in the first place, and now you’re being forced take it apart. If you kept the manual, awesome! However, if not that’s okay. It’s just going to take a little more time. Grab some plastic bags, a sharpie and some masking tape so you can label everything correctly. Try starting by only taking apart the pieces you can confidently put back together. Put the bags of screws and other small bits together and fix it to the equipment for safe keeping.

Use a furniture dolly and get help from a friend

Some fitness items aren’t actually that heavy, but they are awkward and large, which makes them harder to move on your own. Thus, ask a friend or family member to assist you in loading them onto a furniture dolly. If you can’t find a dolly sturdy enough, consider putting them on a soft moving blanket and moving them that way.

Moving a home gym could be a recipe for injury – or it could be a practice in methodical packing and cooperation. Done carefully and with the help of friends, you’ll be working out at your new home in no time.

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