Plan Your Move Before Summer.

This time of year is perfect for a move, especially into an apartment or condo that’s not on the ground floor. Summer happens to also be the busiest and most competitive time to move (and also the sweatiest!). When signing a lease agreement or settling on a closing date, work with your apartment complex or realtor to land on a move-in date that ensures you not only save in extra moving costs, but you avoid moving during the hottest time of the year here in Southwest Florida.

Start Early & Do a Little at a Time.

We’ve all heard the saying that you don’t know how much stuff you have until you have to start packing it all. As you organize and start to pack your beloved items away, more and more keep popping up—it can be very overwhelming, especially if you’re transitioning into a smaller space. It can be even more overwhelming if you are packing your entire space in one weekend.

With a new lease or mortgage starting soon – having a timeline prepared for packing each part of your space is imperative. For example, pack up the wall hangings at first and take everything off the walls, then the next day begin with any home décor that isn’t necessary to be left out, then maybe start on your linens, etc. Doing a little at a time condenses that urgency and will provide you with a much more organized move.

Donate Your Unused Items.

Have a lot with little space? Make sure you donate your unused items and clear out your clutter before packing away your life. As Marie Kondo would say, “If it doesn’t spark joy, dispose of it.” Habitat for Humanity, Episcopal Thrift House, and Mothers Helping Mothers are just a few locations/charities you can donate your gently used items to and reduce waste in Sarasota.

Book Your Movers In Advance.

Choose your movers based on reliability, trustworthy reviews, and an outstanding reputation. Our tried-and-true practices have been perfected over decades of dedication, rest assured, your move will be safe with us! The heavy lifting is one less thing to worry about and we’ll make sure you receive the best possible service. Learn more.

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