We don’t always have the luxury of planning exactly when we’ll move. Sometimes, one spouse will move to start a new job, and the other will stay behind to sell the house. Markets and demand fluctuate, making timing tricky for many. Waiting for school to end is often another factor determining timing. And so on. Of course, it’s possible that the stars may align and everything times out perfectly, but it probably would be best not to count on it.

One thing of which you can be assured, however: Each season presents different challenges and considerations to be dealt with in relocating, especially from south to north and vice versa. 
This newsletter is addressed to those who plan (or have) to move in the fall.

Autumn actually is a great time to relocate. Statistics show that about 80% of moves take place between April and early September. By the time fall rolls around, that summer rush is over and fewer people are moving, so moving companies generally have more availability. This means you can schedule when you want – not just when they can. Also, temperatures generally are more amenable to the work involved (though it can be relative in Florida). Gas prices are usually lower. And, in Florida, late fall brings an end to the rainy season, which can bring unpredictable downpours that can ruin furniture before it even makes it inside.
We hope you find the newsletter enlightening and useful and want you to know we’re always here to help make your move the easiest you’ve ever had – whatever the season.

Relocation experts agree: If you can, choose to move in the fall, when movers are more available, the weather more cooperative and prices more conducive to savings.
That said, here are a few special considerations to keep in mind when planning and conducting an autumn residential move.

  • Though movers’ schedules will be more open, you still should contact them as soon as possible to get your chosen date inked in. Historically, most people have chosen to move at the end of the month; if you can avoid that time period, you’ll have more chance of getting the dates you want.
  • As always, get multiple bids before making a selection on a moving company. In this off-season, however, you may find you can get more and a higher level of services within your budget.
  • Pack with where you’re going in mind: If heading to colder climes, keep appropriate clothing and weather-related tools, toys, decorations, etc. together, boxed, clearly labeled and top of your list for unpacking.
  • Pack with where you’re going in mind (II): If heading to a warmer environment, do all of the above AND, early in the process, sell or donate all the things you won’t be needing, such as snow shovels and multiple heavy-duty, coats and boots.
  • Remember to set up utilities in advance. It can take days from when you apply until everything is in place and your lights ready to be turned on.
  • Clear pathways for the movers – and yourself. The place you’re leaving or the place you’re going to may be carpeted in beautiful leaves, but those beautiful leaves can be dangerous fall hazards for people carrying heavy objects with sometimes limited visibility to the ground.
  • In a related item, put down plastic or other covering on the floors of your new home if there’s a possibility of dirt, leaves and mud being tracked in.
  • Autumn brings shorter days, so remember you’ll have less daylight in which to work.
  • Use your move as an impetus to get your car serviced from top to bottom, assuring you arrive safely and prepared for your new environment.

While there are variations on the “good move” theme depending on the season, most of the rules still apply. Take a look at some of our other newsletters and blogs for the complete picture. Whether you’re relocating pets, plants, kids and/or seniors and wherever you’re going, we can make it easier.

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