Moving Checklist: Make a moving checklist 6-8 weeks prior to moving day. Multiple lists should then be made for pre moving day, moving day, and post moving day.


Packing tips: Make sure to pack belongings in a closed container to reduce lost items and reduce the risk of humidity. Recycled newspaper also makes great packing and material.


Antiques: Have an appraiser value antiques before the move and meet with your moving company to discuss protection plans during the move.


Appliances: Before moving day, make sure to have all appliances professionally discharged from the area you are moving from, this way the moving company can do all of the heavy lifting of the appliances.


Moving with Kids: Inform children well in advance of the actual move so that you can answer any questions they may have.


Electronics: Your electronics are some of your most valuable assets, not only due to their cost, but because of the valuable information on them. Use caution when packing your electronics and make sure to pack them separately and clearly label them.


Garage Sale: If selling less than 100 items, consider combining garage sales with a neighbor or moving partner.


Houseplants: Sometimes, one of the toughest decisions to make when you are moving is what to do with your houseplants.


Pets: Did you know that each state has different pet laws and regulations? Ask your new vet what new health registrations you’ll need.


Waterbed: Make sure to unplug the mattress heater before draining and to remove all water in order to limit the damage of other items.


Wine collection: When moving a valuable wine collection, make sure to fill out a High-Value Inventory Form to guarantee every bottle is accounted for. United also offers specially designed wine boxes.