Moving with kids can be tough, for both parents and children alike. In addition to the inevitable levels of stress from packing and planning, relocating can also be an emotional process. Huffington Post contributor Jennifer S. White penned a touching piece that perfectly encapsulates the feelings some families have when leaving a home that hold so many memories. Stepping away from a space that feels comfortable and safe can be difficult, and parents need to be especially cognizant of how their children are handling the move. Here are some ways to help your little one(s) cope with the transition.

Communicate early and often

If your child is old enough, introduce the upcoming move to them months in advance. Repetition is key here, and the more you talk about it the more they’ll feel comfortable and “part of the team.” Answer any questions they might have and make sure to always speak encouragingly about the move. Your child will know if you’re stressed about and will emulate that tension. Stay positive!

Get them involved

A great way to alleviate a child’s stress is to make them your official “moving buddy.” Grab a shoe box and turn it into their moving treasure chest. They can decorate it and then fill it with special items and favorite toys that they can keep with them during move day. When you’re packing up his/her room, involve them and have them help you pack up their items. Incentives can be helpful, so go ahead and promise a shared treat for your little one after the room is complete.

Tour the new neighborhood

If your new home is within driving distance, take an afternoon and scope out your new neighborhood with your child. Point out all the reasons you think they’ll love living there — a huge backyard, a park, a nearby ice cream shop. Talk about all the adventures your family will have in the new area. You can point out where the moving truck will be parked on move day and how the team will move everything into your new home.

If you’ve moved with small children, we would love to hear from you! Leave your recommendations in the comment box below. And as always, if you need help with your move — give us a call. We’re here to help ease the stress of moving for you and your family!

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