There’s nothing small about it when a small business is moving. The issues and effort are truly disproportionate to the name. While we have relocated companies of all types, this blog is devoted to enterprises of moderate size but big ambition as they move to a new commercial home.

Plan Ahead

While the world may seem to have paused, there still could be a lot of people needing to move when you do. You’ll want to make the important decision on choosing a moving company well in advance to ink in dates. Before you sign on that dotted line, however, build in time to get estimates from at least three companies.

Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

When looking at the estimates, don’t kneejerk to the lowest. Be careful that you’re getting what you pay for. With a reputable company, this should not be a problem. The newly minted “Four Pals with a Van” could be another story.

Look for Stability

You’ll want to choose a reputable firm with a history of service – and service excellence. While a lot of information can be found online, it’s also helpful to ask your neighbors and friends about the companies they’ve used, and their pluses and minuses. Remember, however, that no two moves are the same, so ensure the company has all the services you will need.

Make Sure the Mover Is Licensed and Insured

If you’ve followed Step 3, you may already have taken care of this. However, while all moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of the goods they transport, there are two different levels of liability. You need to be aware of the charges and amount of protection provided by each level.

Consider COVID

While the pandemic continues, cleanliness has taken on a greater meaning. That means it’s not enough to have trucks and accessories that are clean, you want a company that follows CDC guidance, monitors the health of their staff and takes steps to assure maximum sanitation.

Go for a Pro

You should want a high level of professionalism from the company you choose. One way to know is to check if they are ProMovers – that is, that they are members of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), which assures it is a quality, ethical mover. This concept also applies to Better Business Bureau accreditation. Both affiliations should be visible on the company’s website.

Don’t Overdo

While packing your boxes and doing some of the heavy lifting could save you money in the process, you should take into consideration your strength and health. You want to arrive as intact as your goods and ready to take charge of the next phase of your life. And remember always to choose a company whose people give you that high level of confidence that makes the process less onerous and, again, the path a lot smoother.

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