Florida is known for being a hot destination, and not only because of the weather. Over the past few years, Florida has experienced significant population growth. People throughout the country are flocking to cities like Orlando, Jacksonville Tampa, and of course Sarasota. Sarasota was recently ranked 14 among the top places to live by U.S. News & World Report, and the state as a whole is welcoming nearly 1,000 new residents per day. Young professionals are also embracing the state’s appeal, as Florida was ranked as one of the most desirous destinations to move for migrating adults ages 25-29.

With Florida’s burgeoning economy, idyllic coastlines, absence of income tax and promising job growth, it’s no wonder Americans — young and old alike — are flocking in droves to the Sunshine State. However, establishing domicile can be tricky as the laws are somewhat subjective. The determination of domicile is based on an individual’s intent to remain in their desired state, which is supported by the actions he or she takes.

So if you want to shed your former state of domicile and make beautiful Florida your permanent home, here are some steps you can take to expedite the process. Of course, these are just a few suggestions and this list isn’t exhaustive. We recommend you check with your attorney to establish a more detailed plan.

  • Buy a home.
  • Record a “Declaration of Domicile” in the Circuit Court in your new county of residence.
  • Obtain a Florida’s driver’s license and register to vote.
  • File all future Federal income tax returns with your new address.
  • Spend a significant amount of time in your new state.
  • Update your will, trust or other estate planning documents to reflect Florida law.
  • Make sure you update all important documentation (including your passport, social security card, insurance paperwork, etc.) with your Florida address.
  • Apply for Florida’s Homestead Exemption.
  • Withdraw from clubs, leagues and other social membership activities in your previous state.
  • Find a local doctor, dermatologist, physical therapist or other health care provider you routinely visit.

Give us a call when you decide to move! Our expert teams would love to assist with your relocation to the Sunshine State.

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