Why everyone from celebrities to regular people are moving to the Sunshine State

Ranking just behind Tennessee and Texas in a recent survey of migration patterns among Americans, Florida secured a third-place finish among the top destinations for those moving in 2020. While Florida fell from its former top spot in 2019, the Sunshine State is still seeing record population growth to the tune of over 1,000 people a day.

Florida has remained a top destination for retirees, families and even celebrities looking to find a new state to call home. Many experts agree the pandemic has only encouraged this trend. Since 2019 there’s been a laundry list of newly-minted, famous Florida men and women. A few top mentions include NFL quarterback and Tampa Bay hero Tom Brady and his wife supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Sylvester Stallone, Cindy Crawford, and a family of famous politicians, to name a few.

With everyday Americans and celebrities all chasing the sunshine and white sand beaches of Florida and the pace of new arrivals speeding up, we set out to explore a few of the other top reasons to move to our state. Here’s our top four, as chosen by our Sarasota-based team of moving (and Florida) experts.

Top-rated infrastructure for aging Americans and retirees

The experts agree–everyone from WalletHub to U.S. News & World Report has ranked Florida among the top states to retire in. Even further, Sarasota, Florida, was chosen as the no. one best city for retirees in 2020. 

There is an abundance of reasons Florida does retirement best. Mild winter weather, safety and high quality of life are a few of the top benefits. Further, because Florida is home to a growing population of aging baby boomers, there have been significant investments in public and private infrastructure that caters to their needs, including cutting-edge medical facilities, expansive senior living communities and even specialized senior relocation service provided by Sarasota’s best moving company.

There’s a lot to do in Florida

During the pandemic, Florida was among the first states to return to a more familiar “new normal.” As state leaders lifted lockdown mandates, restaurants, sports teams, theme parks and other entertainment titans sprang up with new measures to keep people safe and having fun. This led to a surge of celebrities and individuals working remotely to flock to Florida in record numbers. 

Even before the pandemic, Florida has led the nation in things to do. There are the state’s famous beaches, sparkling blue waters, world-class shopping districts, like Sarasota’s St. Armands Circle, an expansive list of lush golf courses, Orlando’s many attractions, 10 championship-caliber sports teams – go Bucs, Bolts and Rays… and the list goes on. There are so many fun and exciting things to do here. Are you already packing? 

Lower Taxes On Income and Property

Reducing your tax burden is one of the many reasons to move to Florida. This is why so many celebrities, sports legends, CEOs and former political leaders move to Florida. 

Individuals living on the Florida peninsula pay no income tax, which provides a nice boost to resident’s bottom line when filing their annual taxes. Additionally, individuals who register their primary home in Florida can substantially reduce their property taxes with the Florida homestead exemption. With this homestead exemption, homeowners can claim an exemption from a large sum of property taxes on a home and protect their assets from creditors in the case of death or unforeseen financial burden.

Affordable Cost of Living

Although some Floridians might disagree when they see their summer air conditioning bills – the cost of living in Florida is among the most affordable in the U.S. Living expenses in Florida, like electricity, gas and groceries, is typically below average when compared to other states, and considerably lower than states like California and New York. 

Home prices are where things get tricky in Florida. Rural regions of Florida, especially those in the northern and central parts of the state, can be extremely affordable – typically starting in the low $200’s. In coastal areas and large metropolitan cities like Miami, one can expect pricing more on par with Northeastern state

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