The following services and characteristics are considered by experts to be hallmarks of a customer-centric, high-quality moving company:

  • A range of complementary services, such as storage, special handling or unpacking, should you need them. As part of a package, they will cost you less money and stress than using several service providers.
  • People who appear willing to work you. That means fewer negative answers and more “let us see what we can do” responses.
  • Is a known quantity and known in the community, with a reputation established and a stake in protecting it.
  • Transparent pricing that is detailed and reasonable for the quality of the organization and its services.
  • Staff that have undergone strict background checks and drug testing.
  • A reputation for punctuality, reliability and honesty.
  • Clean, well-maintained vans, sufficient to the move.
  • Professional movers who meld courtesy with efficiency.
  • A pleasant in-home moving estimate experience with representatives who aren’t pushy, but take the time to walk the client through all aspects of the move.
  • Representatives who are easy to work with and willing and able to provide advice on issues related to the move.
  • Experience in the type of move the client is making – residential or commercial; short- or long-distance; straight-forward or complicated.
  • Customer service representatives who are responsive and proficient.
  • Available resources, on paper or on line, to guide every aspect of the move for the client.
  • A company that instills confidence and peace of mind.
  • Verbal information that matches what it says on the website; no offers that sound too good to be true.
  • Enables tracking of the shipment either online or through the company.
  • Offers overall quality customer service.

As to that last point, notes, advises those shopping for movers to remember this rule of thumb: after speaking with a company in the early stages, if you find you’re more stressed out or confused than you were before you called, it’s likely not going to get any better if you choose to move with them.
Before you settle for a potentially bad experience, do some research, shop around and trust your gut. Working with the best moving companies is worth it.
To which we add “amen.”

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