1. Choose a reputable and responsible moving company
Moving without the help of a professional company is entirely possible, but partnering with a reputable team will help ease the transition process. Selecting a responsible moving company will allow you to spend more time preparing your loved ones for the move as well as organizing and finalizing any paperwork or documentation. Companies like Yarnall specialize in senior relocation, which will assure the safety and security of your relative’s belongings during the transition.

2. Plan and communicate with your loved ones
Sorting through decades of belongings is an exciting but often challenging endeavor. Make a plan to start small and tackle each room one at a time. This will give your family member the opportunity to sort through their things without feeling overwhelmed, and will help you both determine which items to keep and which to discard. Also consider communicating openly with your loved one and giving them the opportunity to make their own decisions to make the process much smoother for everyone involved.

3. Ask your other family members for help
Helping your family member move can sometimes require a large amount of time and energy so consider asking your siblings, cousins or close family friends for a hand. If your relative is having trouble parting with family heirlooms, suggest sharing these items with the family who’s agreed to help with the move. This should help alleviate any issues your relative has with giving away their belongings.

4. Consider using storage space during the transition
If your family member is moving to a smaller home but having trouble parting with bigger items, a secure storage solution may be the best option. Select a storage solution that provides around-the-clock surveillance, air conditioned units and pest control to maintain the life of your stored belongings. A secure storage unit will provide your loved one with the comfort of knowing their items are in good hands.

Have you helped a family member move in the past? What recommendations do you have for a seamless transition?

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