Cost of Moving

Okay, you’ve made the decision to move, found your new digs, carefully researched and chosen your mover and have a pretty good idea of the cost of moving.

Or do you?

To make sure, look at every step of your journey, accounting for all the incidental expenses that can add up to collective sticker shock. Here are some examples:

Packing Containers and Supplies

Even if you’ve hired a mover to do it all, there may still be things you want to pack yourself. While you can spend your time asking neighbors and bugging local retailers for boxes to transport all or some of your possessions, it usually isn’t the best idea. Variations in size and quality of boxes can impair organization and put your goods at risk. Experts generally advise that you buy the boxes designed for the task, and not skimp at the outset. You don’t need any extra trips to the store, and many suppliers will buy back what you do not use. Also invest in good quality packing tape and waterproof markers – and make sure you have enough for multiple users, assuming you’re not in this alone. As an aside, while some experts recommend the purchase of plastic containers to transfer belongings, this may not seem such a good idea when you get to the other end, especially when downsizing. So, you may want to think it through before purchasing a more permanent packing solution.

Friends and Family

You have to love volunteers, people willingly giving up their time and stretching possibly unused muscles to help you on this important day. To express your appreciation, you may want to take measure of the length of time you’ll need their services and whether you want to provide food and beverages. At the least, you’ll need water to keep them hydrated. And a pizza break likely wouldn’t hurt, chopping up the day a bit and giving it a celebratory feel.

The Kids and the Cat

Children and pets require special attention while you’re packing, moving and unpacking, not only in keeping them calm, but also in keeping them safe. If you need to hire someone to keep watch over the little ones or to kennel your dog, that’s another expense to calculate.

Cars, Boats and Bikes

If you’re moving far, there may not be enough people to get all your motorized vehicles on the road and into the new neighborhood. There are numerous resources available to get it done, but early research can save you time and headaches, enabling you to choose the option most favorable to your peace of mind and budget. Consult your mover, as well, for tried-and-true solutions.

Speaking of Cars . . .

Make sure yours is up to the trip. An automotive breakdown is on no one’s Moving To-Do List. So get your oil and brakes checked and your tires rotated, if need be. If you plan to tow something and aren’t experienced, give yourself time to practice and make sure brake lights are working and connections are sound to avoid citations and accidents.

Homes Away from Your Homes

You might need – or just want — to stay somewhere else for a while in the moving process. Early research and booking here could help you assure the right proximity and save you money.

Food for Thought

No matter the distance you move, you will need to allow for (at least some) personal food costs, gas money and other incidentals. If you don’t plan to drive, planes and trains can be cheaper if booked early. As always, the key word here is “early.”

You can’t think of everything. But there’s no harm in trying. And always remember that your moving company can be a tremendous resource, as they have seen it all and know the right way to do things.

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