Hiring a moving company may save you from some of the stress of packing. However, it’s still important to take the time to both understand and familiarize yourself with some of the additional fees moving companies may charge you, especially if you want to avoid unwanted financial stress. Most moving companies will give you an estimate, but the final price really depends on the conditions associated with your move.

Here’s some insight on five extra moving fees to be aware of when planning your move.

1. Appliance Service

Movers may charge this fee if they need to move major appliances; this includes disconnecting the appliances at the original residence and then reconnecting them at the new residence.

Appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers are often associated with this fee.

2. Flight Charge

A flight charge is a fee associated with the movers carrying items up and down flights of stairs. This charge can be applied at either the place of origin or the new residence, wherever flights of stairs are involved.

3. Elevator Carry

Elevator charge is a fee often charged when the customer lives in or is moving to a high-rise building. This fee is associated with the movers having to transport your goods in an elevator. It often takes movers more time and energy to load and unload an elevator than it does for them to move from a home straight to their truck.

In order to ensure the movers are aware of your moving needs, it’s important to let them know if an elevator will be part of your move.

4. Long Carry

This is an additional fee movers charge when they have to carry goods to a new residence over a longer distance than normal. Typically, moving companies have a distance limit and when that limit is exceed, the long carry fee may be added.

If you’re worried about distance being an issue, ask your mover how long they will carry before the long carry fee is applied. If you’re unsure of the mileage, you can also ask your mover to help you calculate the distance from your old home to your new home.

5. Accessorial Charges

This fee is a lump sum of all the extra fees that don’t fall under any of the terms above. These charges may include parking, un-packing services, extra pick-ups, and disassembling furniture. It’s important to ready for the movers when they arrive, in order to avoid any “accessorial charges.”

As you can see it is important to be aware of some the additional costs your mover may charge. Thus, before you book a move, find out which charges might be applicable for your move from and to your new home, then get a moving quote and make sure that quote holds steady!

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