Moving Process
  1. Make contacts well in advance

Since summer is peak moving season, you will want to reserve your spot as early as you can. If possible make sure to get organized around 4-5 weeks out from your move date. Start searching for licensed and professional moving companies, moving guides, and relevant coupons as soon as possible! Having a contingency plan in place is also not a bad idea.

  1. Take full advantage of yard sale weather

Yard sales are a terrific, sustainable opportunity for getting rid of your old unwanted stuff. Even if you are in an apartment, there are still ways to have a yard sale, like to set up at a friends yard. There are many secret tactics out there for holding your own yard sale.

  1. Make a moving day kit

After a long day of moving boxes and furniture, you will want to take a relaxing shower. Make sure you keep some essentials, like toiletries and a fresh change of clothes in a separate bag so you will not have to dig through a pile of boxes when you are your most tired. Also make sure to keep cold bottles of water and refreshments handy for yourself and your movers; we know how hot it can get out there!

  1. Make arrangements for kids

Since the kids will be home from school, its important to plan carefully for them on moving day. Perhaps it is best to hire a babysitter, or set them up in a summer camp during the day. Moving can be chaotic and you will most likely have your hands pretty full, so not having to worry about your children’s safety or what they are doing will allow you to focus on the move and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

  1. Stay hydrated, and stay organized!

Some states have to worry about frostbite, but here in Florida we worry about heatstroke. Whether you are moving yourself, or using a team make sure you have plenty of cold drinks available to help beat the heat. Also make sure you offer cold drinks and plenty of breaks to the moving crew on a humid Florida day. In order to stay organized it’s important to know where everything is going in your new dwelling. Perhaps it’s a good idea to sketch out a floor plan that includes where the big pieces of furniture will go. Keep it close by so you can inform the moving crew where they’re headed with the heavy armoire.

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