Moving Day Disasters

Moving is a meticulous process, with lots of research, decision-making and, occasionally, angst. Though most moves can be planned to go smoothly, there are some major moving day disasters that, experts tell us, consumers continue to make. Here are a few you may not have considered.

Overestimating your ability to do it yourself

But you’re not doing it yourself, right? You have your friends and the nice lady next door and your uncle lined up. To be honest, it can be sort of the same thing. So, unless your belongings are few, this is not the best way to go.

The fact is that while your volunteers may be willing, they may not be able. How much can they actually lift? Are they at a fitness level to tackle multiple stairs? Realistically, are they more likely to pave the way to your new home or get in the way of an efficient relocation? And what if they get sick on the day of the move? What if they make other plans?

A reputable mover, on the other hand, will show up on time with professionals who are up to heavy lifting and the stamina to get the job done. So give your friends – and yourself – a break and take the easy way out.

Forgetting to take measurements

You don’t want to arrive at your new home to find that your treasured armoire won’t fit through the front door or your king-size mattress is too much for the twists and turns of that charming staircase. Maybe you need to take the armoire apart. Maybe you’ll have to buy a split mattress and box springs. Maybe the movers can take certain items in through another entryway.

These should never be last-minute decisions.

Not checking insurance for loss or damage

With reputable movers, your goods are protected against loss or damage while in transit. The extent to which that protection extends, however, is dependent on a variety of factors, including your personal needs and budget. That’s why you should choose a moving company that will be glad to walk you through the nuances of their property valuation and/or insurance terms ahead of time. Before you sign on the dotted line, however, check to see if your rental or homeowners insurance policy covers you for moves. If not, you may want to up your coverage with your mover.

Can I trust the mover with my jewelry and other valuables?

Yes, but do you want to? High-value items such as jewelry, antiques and collectibles usually can be included in your shipment, but be sure to notify the mover if any special handling is required. That said, it is strongly recommended that you take irreplaceable and expensive pieces with you or make other arrangements that will provide you with peace of mind – in this area, at least!

Look for more Tales of Moving Terror in future blogs, and always look to Yarnall to meet your every relocation need.

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