With the holiday season officially upon us, the last thing you want to worry about is preparing for your upcoming move. We’re sure you’d rather be enjoying all the special treats and the company of family and friends. However, moving around the holidays doesn’t have to be a hassle. That’s why the moving experts at Yarnall Moving & Storage Solutions are here to provide you with some advice to help make your holiday transition go smoothly.

Set realistic goals

The holidays should be a time for joy. Moving shouldn’t deteriorate that. By setting realistic goals, the process of moving becomes a much better experience. There’s no need to skip the holidays entirely and only focus on moving. Perhaps you normally host a holiday event. Be upfront! Maybe invite fewer people or invite them next year when you are in your new home. By determining the goals that you have set in place for your big move, when you reach them, it makes you feel accomplished. 

Be sure to have a list, and check it twice

Having a list will keep you on schedule and make sure that you are meeting your deadlines. There’s a lot to pack up, when you create a list or even start to label certain things, it makes it easier to remember what you do have and what you may have missed. Once your list is set, don’t jump around. Go right down the list and accomplish each task before moving on to the next one.

Don’t neglect the decorations

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you have to pack up all the holiday decorations. It’s important to still enjoy the holiday season. There’s no need to skip it all together just because of the move. Maybe scale back a bit, put out what you feel is necessary, and box up the rest.

Treat yourself

Since all your kitchen wear may already be boxed up, enjoy a night out on the town, or relax after a long day of packing by ordering takeout. Since moving close to the holidays can break normal traditions that you may be accustomed to, suggest a gathering with your family and friends for a holiday feast at one of your favorite restaurants this year.

It’s all about balance

Moving during the holiday season can seem like a nightmare. Don’t let that be the case. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Stick to your list, set your goals, and most importantly enjoy the holiday. Your move shouldn’t stress you out, it should be exciting. You’ll be moving into your lovely new place, so take it all in. If you balance packing along with enjoying the festivities, your transition into your new place over the holiday season will be merry and bright.

Moving? We can help.

We pride ourselves on having a loyal, dedicated team of movers. On average, our moving team has been with Yarnall Moving & Storage Solutions for more than 17 years. And over the decades, we have changed with the times and expanded to offer needed services. As problem-solvers, we help customers overcome their unique moving and storage challenges. We’re here to help every step of the way. Learn how.

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