During our long history as professional movers—over 100 years, actually—we have been fortunate to help with all types of moves. What we’re asked to do more and more often nowadays is to help people move into one of the many beautiful luxury condos in the Sarasota area. And, because we’ve learned how different a move into a condo can be—compared to moving into a house—here are some tips that will greatly increase your chances of having a smooth move-in experience:

1. A Good Fit

Condo living makes for an exciting lifestyle, especially in a place as special as the Sarasota area. Before every move, it’s important to reduce the number of items as much as possible, either through donating, eliminating, or shipping to friends and family. Even more so with sometimes smaller spaces in a condo than you might be used to in a house, try to make sure that any items you do plan to move will fit comfortably in the new setup.

2. Communicate with the Manager

Unlike a move to a single-family residence, moving to a luxury condo will require communicating with a manager who keeps life running smoothly in the building. This person may function as somewhat of a concierge, so you will likely be seeing them often and relying on them for any number of things in your new residence. So, coordinating your move-in with the manager is essential for contributing to a positive and efficient moving experience for all.

3. Let Bylaws be Bylaws

Your new condo will have bylaws for ongoing living, but it will also have rules and regulations that control the specifics of how your move happens. For example, there might be restrictions on the allowable days and times for a move, where the moving truck may park, and several other rules. An experienced moving company will help you through the pre-move process and can even communicate with the condo manager to ensure that the move goes smoothly, without ruffling any feathers on the day of the show.

4. Organize for the View

As important as it is to organize and reduce the number of items your movers will be handling on your behalf, it’s also extremely helpful to plan ahead for how your furniture and decorations will be place in your new condo. If you can, get to know your new space well before the move, so you can take full advantage of the new views to rearrange how your rooms are set up. Ideally, your movers will place your items for you, saving you the time and effort of trying to do it yourself. So, make sure to think ahead as much as possible regarding what goes where.

5. Common Area Care

Avoiding damage is essential to any move, but especially important when common areas are involved. After all, any damage while moving through these areas would affect both your furniture or other possessions and possibly the condo building itself. So, make sure that your movers are experienced at doing their jobs in loading areas, entryways, hallways, and elevators, because they’ll need to make it through that gauntlet to get to your new place!

6. Senior Relocation Specifics

It’s no surprise that many of those moving into luxury condos are seniors. There’s no such thing as a truly typical senior lifestyle these days, but there are certain considerations that can be specific to seniors when they’re moving. It’s best to work with a senior relocation specialist to help before, during, and even after the move. For more details, please read our recent blog: “11 Tips for Making Senior Relocations Go Smoothly.” Also, you’ll find additional tips by downloading the “Senior Relocations Resource Guide” from our website.

7. Your Moving Team

When moving into a luxury condo, your professional movers can’t just be a “crew,” they really need to be a team—and an experienced team at that. In addition to the tips given already in “Common Area Care,” your moving team must embody the following qualities as they work to get your possessions into your new condo home: “courteous,” “professional,” “careful,” and “clean.”

Moving into a condo in a desirable area makes for exciting times. We hope these seven tips will help you consider the many aspects of moving into a condo that might differ from moving to a house.

If you’re planning a move, please download our Free Packing Guide with tips on packing more effectively. Or contact us with any questions you have about your move. As always, if you need help from a professional mover, call Yarnall for a free quote!

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