Along the Florida Suncoast, which spans from Tampa Bay to Sarasota and even down to Naples, the allure of summer means many things. Observable summertime phenomenons include skyrocketing temperatures, the departure of our beloved snowbird population, schools closing up shop and lastly, an escalation in the number of individuals planning a move. This is no isolated event; around the U.S., most movers will confirm summer is the busiest time to relocate to a new home. Why though?

As a rule of thumb, summer is a time when life slows down for many. Kids out of school, work slows down and more houses and condos tend to hit the market. That, along with improving weather in colder climates, makes it the perfect season to get moving. Unfortunately, the surging number of individuals moving presents its own unique challenges, especially in Florida.

Almost all of us have been there, procrastinating, forgetting essential items and committing other common summer moving mistakes. At Yarnall Moving and Storage Solutions, our Sarasota-headquartered moving experts have seen it all. That’s why we recently sat down and put together a cautionary list of the top three common summer moving mistakes and how to avoid them. 

We’re anticipating an even crazier summer moving season than usual and, with that in mind, have been busy creating resources to help those moving in the coming months best prepare. Our team of moving experts has identified the top mistakes people make while moving from June to September. We hope this information helps you plan your next big summer move and remember that we’re here to help address all your moving needs. Keep reading for valuable things to consider when moving during the summer months and critical insights to help you ace your summer move. 

Not starting early enough:

The biggest mistake those moving during summer months make is perhaps the most obvious but easy to overlook – Not preparing ahead of time.

With an increase in demand for moving services, many moving companies (ours included) become booked quickly. For that reason, we recommend taking action now or at least six to eight weeks before your move date. Request a free quote and reserve your movers as soon as possible to avoid catastrophe. 

Not giving special care to heat-sensitive items:

Before boxing up your belongings, consider how the heat will affect them. Items, like candles, electronics, photographs and other items, won’t fare very well in a swelteringly hot moving truck and should be taken with you in the car. Florida’s humidity and glaring summer sun can significantly increase the temperature inside the truck, which can sometimes cause damage to belongings that aren’t adequately packed — candles can melt, electronics can warp, and photos can get stuck to each other. Think carefully about your belongings and discuss your concerns with the moving crew during your walk-through.

Forgetting how the heat can affect you, your children and your pets

Summer heat can hurt more than just your belongings – it can harm your health or your loved ones. Heatstroke or exhaustion is a severe risk during hot days. We recommend reserving strenuous moving activities for during the cooler morning hours, staying hydrated and knowing your limits. Better yet, let our moving team handle the heavy lifting so that you can remain comfortable indoors.

If you have children or pets, there’s an even greater need to think ahead. While establishing your moving plan, ensure your loved ones have a safe, cool place to relax. Automobiles can become hot quickly in the summer sun, so it’s best to have a trusted individual look after loved ones when out and about or secure them in a cool area during moving day. 

Moving? We can help.

We pride ourselves on having a loyal, dedicated team of movers. On average, our moving team has been with Yarnall Moving & Storage Solutions for more than 17 years. And over the decades, we have changed with the times and expanded to offer needed services. As problem-solvers, we help customers overcome their unique moving and storage challenges. We’re here to help every step of the way. Learn how.

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