Did you know that the average American adult moves more than 10 times over the course of their lifetime? And with the number of belongings we tend to amass, there is bound to be a time or two when we encounter something that’s difficult to move or pack. In this post, we’re discussing how to relocate two very important genres: pet birds and collectible figurines.  Read on for tips & tricks!

Pet birds

We’ve given you advice for moving your pooch, but today we’re talking about feathered friends. To minimize your bird’s anxiety, he/she should be the last to leave your house and the first to arrive in the new location. The safest way to transport your bird is by car, with its cage secured in the back seat. If the cage is too large to fit in your vehicle, purchase a smaller, portable carrier. Make sure the temperature is similar to what the bird is used to, and use glare guards to protect your pet from the sun. If the trip to your new home is long, make sure to bring water, cucumbers, fruits or other snacks your bird enjoys. It’s important that they stick to their regular diet to avoid digestive issues, so pack their normal meals if you’re staying overnight during the relocation process. Finally, birds are sensitive to change and can sense if you’re stressed. Remain calm and they will feel reassured.

Collectible figurines and toys

You’ve spent years and probably a fair amount of money building your collection of action figures, dolls or other toys — you certainly don’t want to damage them during your move. Start by gathering a generous amount of newspaper, bubble wrap or other protective material. If your collectibles are sturdy and won’t break under a small amount of weight, you can use clean towels. Grab a smaller box that just fits your collectibles (either packed together or separately) and line the bottom with padding. Place your materials inside and pack them gently but securely with your choice of protective material. Tape the top shut, cover in bubble wrap, then put it in a larger box. Stuff the sides around the smaller box with packing peanuts or more bubble wrap. Make sure there is no wiggle room. Close the exterior box with strong tape, and mark “Fragile.” If your collectibles are valuable, tell your mover in advance so you can fill out the appropriate forms.

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